Even though I’ve known this secret for years, seeing the professional dancers reaffirmed me that this was the number one secret to get instant flexibility and…

Instant relief for tight joints.  (Joint Pain)

I knew I must spill the beans to allow others like you to benefit from the simple most effective way to unlock the chains of pain holding your joints hostage from an active lifestyle you deserve.

· It will work fast
· You will feel younger
· It has helped my clients feel LESS PAIN

· Foam Roll Secrets will melt away the warehouse of stress held tightly in your body which you refer to as “Knots”

· It’s so easy, you can do it laying down!
· Very simple concept

Some people just are not as attractive as they used to be…  That is a fact of life…

They blame it on the failed diets and workouts that just don’t work out for them…

They try to put the blame on “Age is getting in the way” or “I’m too old”.

But really it’s the pain from “Ageing” they are referring too…

See, pain can prevent proper workouts in the gym because as we all know, it puts limitations on how well you can move.  i.e. How well you can workout. 

If you cannot workout hard enough, you cannot get the fat loss muscle toning results you deserve.

Most people DO work out extremely hard!  But also get extremely depressed when the efforts are going to waste without their love handles going away.

Depressed and no hope for a proper fitness level is where most Americans find themselves.  So they just give up…  Some even cry about it in secret when they don’t like what they see in the mirror.

They want to feel better about themselves, and wished that any light of hope could actually help them loose the weight and become more attractive, but time after time has proven in their mind that there is no hope for their body.

I’m sorry for starting out this letter in such a down mood, but we must talk about reality if we ever want to change ourselves.

Most people like the description above has some sort of chronic “Ache & Pain” that they use for an excuse on why they can not hit the gym and workout…

And I don’t know of a single person who wishes to end up in a nursing home later in life because their legs are not strong enough to move them from their bed or chair to the bathroom.  (I’ve witnessed this when I was a nursing assistant for two days.  After I saw this, I knew I must help people to prevent this.)

There is a solution to the number one reason most people are not successful in working out… The reason of “Normal Aging Aches & Pains” that your doctor says is normal and to just take over the counter pain pills for.  Sometimes they suggest exercise…

The solution is so powerful, you will know in your very first hour if it will work for you or not.

Do you have:

· Lower Back Pain
· Knee Pain
· Hip Pain
· Headaches
· Neck Pain
· Body Stiffness
· Shin Splints

Does your body feel heavy?  Or have any joint or muscle pain at all described by your doctor as “Normal” aging aches & pain that s/he says to take some over the counter pain killer for?  And that’s all that s/he suggest besides exercise?

These Foam Roll Secrets worked for countless clients of mine

If it works for you like my other clients:

· No Pills
· No Surgery
· No Side Effects


· More movement without the pain

· More flexibility

· Walks and Hikes you thought impossible before

· Think about being able to keep up with your 12 yr old son or daughter

· Or having the strength to swim with dolphins!

· Better mental state at home from less stress

I discovered foam roll secrets at the beginning of my journey as a personal trainer, but the depth of my understanding of it’s importance grew as I witnessed the lives of my clients changed forever because of the simple but most powerful exercise technique my clients and myself have ever applied.

My name is Jeff Gordon Parker and the passion in my heart to help others is what carried me through the last 6 years of being a fitness professional.

My muscle imbalances cost me the most important race in my college running career.  Only to find the solution years later as a personal trainer helping clients leave their sedentary lifestyle with aches & pains to a life of healthy activity…

As I was acting as a shirtless guard in the Seattle Opera’s Pearl Fishers, I saw professional dancers use the secret for instant flexibility that I’m about to share with you…
How a simple No Sweat Fitness Secret can make you feel 29 years younger in less then an hour!
"I knew I must spill the beans to allow others like you to benefit from the simple most effective way to unlock the chains of pain holding your joints hostage from an active lifestyle you deserve." - Jeff Gordon Parker
· Teaches you the techniques to get rid of the knots that cause you pain…

· Special web page viewing makes it easier then DVD for fast viewing and quick reference with…

· Individual videos on exactly what you need to reference when you need too…

· Fast Quick Start Guide to help you jump right into a Foam Roll Secret routine…

· Simple Step-by-Step path laid out for you to get it done right.

The sooner you start applying these simple but powerful secrets to your life, the better you will move with less pain as well as what you do today will directly effect your ability to move 50 years from now.

· How to eliminate the #1 Road Block most people have for fitness success, their Aches & Pains

· How to Fix your simplest muscle imbalances in your body… so you can feel great and move better in as little as an hour

· How to burn down that secret massive warehouse of stress in your back and neck so you can handle the stresses of life without the physical manifestation…

· You will be more courageous in the face of stress knowing you will not take it with you when you leave…  (This little perk alone can change your career success overnight!  Just by the confidence factor alone.)

There are over 100 people on my list and some of them have been waiting for this product for almost a year now…

Blog Post Comment on 2/20/09
Cynthia Giorgio February 20, 2009 at 2:53 pm [edit <http://muscle-balance-training.com/blog/362/downtown-seattle-chiropractor-interviewed/#comment-214>]


I have been suffering for 10 years since I was 41yrs old. I was a Fitness instructor in Water Aerobics and weights.  Also I was in Retail. I stopped working and I suffer everyday. I did see a chiropractor years ago then I started getting spine shots for facet arthrosis in back and botox in the muscles on my right side.  I have a scoliosis and a rib hump, also tumors (hemangiomas) in my vertabrates t5 ,t6.  Found out I have lupus and sjogrens too.  I first saw your video on you tube on back imbalance training.  LOVE It! Foam rolling all the time now and I am doing your stretches and excercises. My question to you is what excercises are good for me and my problems,and are you going to make any excercise tapes to buy?  For example Jane Fondas tapes.  For the first time I understand someone and I understand what could be going on.  Thanks for all your help.
-  From Cynthia

So don’t get left out for another year if you don’t take advantage of this now…

And remember.

All the risk is mine…

If you don’t notice a significant “Oh my God! I feel absolutely INCREDIBLE!” moment after your first 1-hour session of foam rolling, I insist you email or call me for a full refund!  You will notice the benefit right away, or your money back.

And after your first session, if your still not sure, you have 60 days to make up your mind.  But please, if you don’t notice a huge benefit after the very first hour, call or email me to get your money back.

P.S.  Almost forgot - if you order now, I will include, for FREE, access to the special fitness equipment training videos I made for 3 different residential buildings in Downtown Seattle.  If you’re new to working out, these videos are PRICELESS!!!

I walk you through how to use all the fitness equipment you will find in almost any hotel or apartment with a gym.  So much information on these videos on How To Work Out they are worth more then $1,164 each if I was to train you in person. 

At $97 per video series, it’s a true retail value of $291.  Yours FREE for ordering now.

P.P.S.  You also get, for FREE, the Sciatica Solution video worth $97. 

I teach you how to go right after that
Piriformis Syndrome i.e. sciatica, through exercises and flexibility techniques designed to instantly make your sciatica feel better.

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You want to be one of the first 25 people to order.  If you are, you will receive a one-hour phone consultation with me on any fitness question or questions you have or need help with. 

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So called “Normal Ageing” aches and pains prevent most people from getting their desired toned arms, thinner thighs, flatter stomach, and all around healthier life!  Now you can over come this “Ageing Pain” thing by unlocking the chains of pain holding your joints & body hostage from an Active & Attractive lifestyle you deserve!

Here’s the deal: This is a drop-dead bargain.
I don’t have time to train you personally… and it would set you back $127 / Hour just to get a private training session, anyway.  (Plus you would have to fly to Seattle.)

What you get is literally worth $1,524.  That’s the cost of training with me 3 times a week for one full month. 

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Here’s what to do now:  Use your credit card and click the big orange dotted Add to Cart button.  Follow the instructions and I’ll take care of everything else.  You will be emailed immediately with your login name and password so you can access the Foam Roll Secrets course instantly. 

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